Hornswoggle's Return, SmackDown's Future On Friday Nights, TNA's Videogame

— Hornswoggle is scheduled to appear on Saturday’s WWE house show in his hometown of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, according to a story in today’s Oshkosh Northwestern. The article contains quotes from Hornswoggle, Finlay and a representative from WWE.

— MyNetworkTV executive Paul Franklin was a recent guest on the Monday Night Mayhem radio show. When asked whether SmackDown! will remain on Friday nights when it moves to MyNetworkTV in September, Franklin stated “It is too early to decide one way or another.”

— has conducted an interview with Mark Turmell, the producer of the “TNA iMPACT!” videogame which is set for release later this year. He talks about his expectations for the game, the roster, career mode, what makes TNA’s first game different from WWE’s “SmackDown! vs. RAW” franchise and more.

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