Austin Speaks On Shark Boy's Parody, Highlanders To SmackDown?, Paul London

— Regarding TNA wrestler Shark Boy’s parody of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Austin had this to say in an article in today’s Miami Herald: “I’ve heard about it. It doesn’t anger me. If a guy is able to make a living on a rip-off, a spoof, making fun of me, whatever. I’m still with WWE. More power to him.”

— The Highlanders are featured in the SmackDown roster profile section in WWE Magazine‘s 2008 Spring Preview issue, which hit newsstands this past week. However, The Highlanders have never wrestled on SmackDown, and they’re still listed as members of the Raw roster on On January 15th, right before the magazine went to press, they wrestled John Morrison and The Miz on an episode of ECW, presumably as part of the SmackDown/ECW talent exchange. They were on Raw next week doing job duty to Hornswoggle and Finlay. Back in the fall, there was an Internet report saying that WWE was thinking about moving The Highlanders to SmackDown, but nothing came out of it. Also, WWE removed Bobby Lashley from the magazine just before it went to press as he’s not featured in it.

— It was reported a few weeks ago that Paul London was looking for modeling work through a modeling agency’s website. London’s profile has since been removed from the Acclaim Talent website.

See pics of Shark Boy UNMASKED! (>>)

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