Nick Hogan's Driver's License Suspended, Melina's Confessions, Lilian On TV

— The Florida media is reporting that Nick Hogan’s driver’s license has been suspended for two years. One year for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol while under the age of 21; the second year for failure to pay a recent traffic ticket.

— In the latest Internet Confessions of a True Diva, Melina talks about the recent passings of Fabulous Moolah and Sherri Martel. Click here to read her latest column.

— For people in Miami, Lilian Garcia will be on the El Show De Fernando Hidalgo on America Teve Channel 41 tonight at 7:00 PM. She is expected to be performing and take part in an interview.

Click here to see Melina’s botched entrance at the Survivor Series (>>)

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