Full TNA iMPACT! Taping Results For This Week – Spoilers

TNA iMPACT Taping Results (Spoilers)
Air Date: Thursday, November 15, 2007
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TNA taped this Thursday’s Impact at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida with the following results:

*Impact opened with TNA champion Kurt Angle coming out to the ring with TNA Tag Team champions AJ Styles and Tomko. He thanked them for helping him at Genesis and announced they were forming the “Angle Alliance.” Kevin Nash comes out and is attacked by all three with a number of babyfaces coming out break it up.

*Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave defeated LAX. After the match, the female member of the Latino Nation (the still unidentified Shelley Martinez) hit Christy Hemme with a slapjack.

*Team 3D, holding the X-Division championship, cut a promo backstage with a list of demands. They had an “X-Division wrestler” held hostage with a bag over his head.

*Team 3D come to the ring with the hostage and called out the Motor City Machineguns. The Guns come out with Jay Lethal and they go back and forth on the mic until a group of X-Division wrestlers attack 3D. Lethal frees the hostage, who turns out to be Havoc, but Havoc grabs his kendo stick and attacks the other X-Division wrestlers.

*Kevin Nash and Scott Hall come to the ring and announce they will face the Angle Alliance at Turning Point, promising to reveal their mystery partner by the end of Impact.

*Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks defeated TNA Women’s champion Gail Kim and Chris Harris after Roode drilled Harris with a chair. Brooks got into a catfight with Roode’s “ringside fan.”

*Abyss defeated Riddick (the masked Johnny Stamboli, with a new name in his second appearance) and Black Reign in a Three-Way. After the bout, Jim Mitchell’s charges were beating on Abyss and Rhino hit the ring for the save.

*Booker T and Sharmell come to the ring for their official TNA contract signing. Christian Cage comes out and cuts a promo. He calls Sharmell a “nappy headed ho” and gets laid out by Booker.

*TNA champion Kurt Angle defeated Kaz in a good match. After the match, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall attacked Angle. The Angle Alliance attack them. Samoa Joe makes the save, so apparently he’s the mystery partner.

*They announced Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Chris Sabin in a Loser Wears a Turkey suit for the Thanksgiving Impact.


*Eric Young defeated James Storm in a comedy match.

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