Latest Update On The Future Of ECW: WWE Trying To Save Sci-Fi Deal, More


WWE’s primary goal with their ECW brand is to get the television ratings up enough so they can get a contract renewal with the Sci-Fi Network. With the recent announcement that SmackDown names will be showing up on ECW and vice versa, this is a tactic to try and improve the ratings. If the company does not get a renewed television contract for ECW on Sci-Fi they would move ECW TV to and keep their international television clearances for the series.

At this point the entire brand’s future remains up in the air and a year from now the letters ECW could mean as much as names like Heat or Velocity. There has been some talk of making WWE SmackDown head creative team writer Michael Hayes the head of ECW creative as well. This would further lead one to believe that the company is serious about slowly merging back into two brands, RAW and SmackDown.

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