More On John Cena's Injury Last Night, Possibly Torn Right Pectoral Muscle


Details are still sketchy, but it is believed that WWE champion John Cena suffered a torn right pectoral muscle during his main event match against Mr. Kennedy last night on Raw. That’s the same injury that put Edge out of action and forced him to relinquish his World Heavyweight Championship last July. Cena is tentatively scheduled to undergo a MRI tomorrow to examine the severity of his injury.

The injury appeared to happen during a botched hiptoss that Cena gave to Kennedy, which ended awkwardly with Kennedy landing atop Cena. Cena then moved to the opposite corner favoring his right arm. Cena gutted it out and finished the match, despite the injury.

We will keep you posted as more details becomes available.

See a video of Edge wrestling in WCW (>>)

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