Lex Luger Talks About His Drug Abuse & Brushes With Death

Source: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter published an article about Lex Luger. Luger was interviewed and spoke at length about his drug and alcohol abuse, brushes with death and much more. The article notes Luger now walks with a cane.

Luger told ESPN: “I was a heartbeat away. I almost overdosed probably dozens of times. I had a really fast metabolism. Part of why Lex stayed so lean wasn’t just drugs. God blessed me with a very fast metabolism. I metabolized drugs quickly. That is not good, but it saved my life a bunch of times. I went in deep a bunch of times with pills and alcohol. I was a pill-popper. And I abused alcohol toward the end, real bad. And I got caught with steroids in my house. I am a convicted felon. I deserved it. And I take accountability for that. I am trying to help others avoid what happened in my life, and my family and friends that I devastated. I dishonored my profession. I dishonored my community, all because I couldn’t control myself and got this sick other lifestyle and drug abuse. I want to help our young kids stay away from that.”

LEX LUGER VIDEO CLIP: Stumbling through interview screwing up lines and having trouble removing his shirt

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