Jarrett Nixed From PPV Main Event, Morale Way Down In TNA, Rick Steiner Update

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

— There were plans for a Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett match as the main event for October’s Bound for Glory in Atlanta. Those plans have been nixed and Angle will be taking on someone else.

— Several midcard/undercard TNA wrestlers were angry to say the least after finding out that they weren’t booked for the Impact tapings two weeks ago. A number of them were left off the tapings due the increased focus on Kurt and Karen Angle, not to mention Pacman Jones. Most of the unused wrestlers were not flown to Orlando for the tapings. The feeling was, they weren’t booked for the show so they didn’t need to be there. And of course, they didn’t get paid because you only get paid if you work a show. The morale, down ever since hotel accomodations and rental car privileges were taken away, is said to be worse than ever before because the feeling is that Angle has taken over the show not to mention that they lack confidence in TNA’s vision of wrestling. Jeff Jarrett is generally in charge of things on the creative end, but Vince Russo’s influence is the highest its been in a while.

— Rick Steiner is going to be off television for a while after being put through a table by Team 3D on last week’s Impact. This was supposed to be an injury angle to put him out of action for a while. There will likely be a revenge match between the Steiners and Team 3D at Bound For Glory in October.

— See a recent pic of an overweight and graying Billy Kidman! (>>)

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