TNA's Drug Policy, DX Band Working With TNA, Rhino Chair-Throwing Incident


— TNA doesn’t have a drug policy, at least one that anyone wrestling for the company has ever heard of. There’s likely a corporate Panda (the parent company of TNA) policy, but it has never been enforced. There’s said to be a lot of recreational drug use among the wrestlers, not to the level of the original ECW, but far more than in WWE. Furthermore, there have been internal discussions dating back to June within TNA to begin a real drug policy.

— The band that did the old X-Pac and DX ring music from the late 90s has signed a deal to do music for TNA.

— Rhino said that he slipped when throwing a chair that accidently went into the crowd at Sunday’s PPV. Although, he did throw a drink at a fan during the match on purpose. Furthermore, they put a sign near the entrances that warns that you are entering the Impact Zone at your own risk.

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