Batista's Incredibly Controversial Book, SVR 2008 Delayed?, Lacey Von Erich


— Those who have seen Batista’s book say it’s “insane.” It’s sure to ruffle a few feathers in the WWE locker room. Batista has said time and time again that he’s the most boring guy in the world, which sounds like it would make for a lackluster book, but as it turns out, he talks nonstop about who he hates and does not respect in the locker room in his book. This could very well be major trouble in the making since he’s hated by most of the locker room as it is. Batista also gives his thoughts on certain creative decisions WWE has made and more. He also talks “almost recklessly” about the number of women he’s slept with. It’s said to be totally different from all the other WWE books.

— The Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 video game may miss its November deadline as Vince McMahon is going back and forth about whether to leave Chris Benoit in the game. The designers haven’t completely removed Benoit from the game yet and Vince wants him out obviously. However, if they remove him, it would require the game to be delayed and they’d miss out on the 2007 holiday season revenue, which is always the most lucrative quarter for video games.

— Lacey Von Erich, daughter of Kerry Von Erich, recently signed a developmental deal with WWE. She reported to Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa just last week. She posted up a blog on her MySpace page talking about her wrestling experience thus far:

Lets bring old scool back to WWE

I was signed by WWE and so far my wrestling experience has been amazing, I really feel like I was born for it…. BUT all they want the girls to do is dress like trashy and pull hair… I would rather wrestle like daddy and do back flips off the ropes! I feel like a lot of the girls have talent but we can’t show it as much… So if I don’t represent the Von Erich family like I should its not my fault…. I will do MY BEST to bring back how it was… Love everyone who supports our family!!!

— Click here for *SPOILER* on outcome of Batista vs. Khali SummerSlam match (>>)

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