The Miz's Move To ECW, Dave Taylor's Future, Ashley/Survivor

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The Miz was not ready to be a real star on one of the main brands, but with less competition for top stops and being young, ECW was a good place for him, hence the move. Management thinks he’s passable in the ring, but that he has great appeal to a younger audience. They are going to market him as the guy all the girls want, thinking that will make him cool to the audience. Furthermore, head writer Michael Hayes was never hot on The Miz, which might explain why he hadn’t done much of note the past few months.

Regarding William Regal’s move to Raw, he had asked for a singles run on the brand. Triple H, who is friends with him, wanted him back on Raw too. His leaving SmackDown will likely wind up with Dave Taylor no longer being able to perform in WWE because it’s hard to see him getting any kind of role as a singles wrestler.

Ashley Massaro’s new show “Survivor: China” will air on Thursday nights at 8 PM on CBS. The filming of the show will keep Ashley away from WWE television until at least the end of the year. They don’t want her appearing on WWE programming until she has been voted off the program. The winner receives $1,000,000.

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