Details On Sabu's Final Days With WWE; His Dislike For Tommy Dreamer, More

Source: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

Tommy Dreamer wasn’t sad to see Sabu leave WWE, as the two have not gotten along in years. Those close to Sabu say that he had grown increasingly frustrated with many things in WWE, in particular the “new” ECW and the fact that his body can no longer do what his mind envisions. Sabu felt that the new ECW was demeaning and mishandled and never really approved of Vince McMahon’s idea for the brand. Furthermore, Sabu did not like that fact that he was unable to work the way that he wanted too in the ring due to the abuse his body has taken over the past 15 years.

Sabu has very little financial stability to show for his years in the wrestling business and will probably be back in TNA before too much longer. As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Sabu notified his friends in TNA that he would be back sooner than later because he never really believed that ECW under Vince McMahon would last long.

Sabu also hated the attitude in WWE that the only reason ECW Originals worked for the company was because they were ECW Originals and that they were “lucky to have a job” and didn’t earn their job based on merit. All of this on top of the fact that Rob Van Dam was leaving the company, Sabu no longer cared about his job with WWE, and was not surprised to be released.

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