Jim Ross Discusses RVD Leaving WWE, Lilian In Playboy


Jim Ross has updated his blog. As always, its full of interesting industry news and speculation – below are the hilights:

In JR’s latest blog entry, he speaks on Big Show dropping weight, RVD’s post-wwe status, Lilian/Playboy rumors and more. Below are several highlights from his blog entry:

On RVD’s Post-WWE Status: “I don’t know RVD’s future plans but I wish him well no matter what he does. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Rob take some time off and allow his body to rest and to heal. Rob is a special talent and he married an Oklahoma girl so you know he ranks high on my list of favorites. It is tough to say if Rob will ever return to the WWE as that is a question for Rob himself to address.”

On Lilian Garcia in Playboy rumors: “Just my opinion, but Lilian posing for Playboy isn’t too likely. She’s definitely physically qualified.”

On The Big Show: “The last I heard, The Big Show had dropped mucho pounds and was training to perhaps get into boxing, which is in dire need of a heavyweight “star” that isn’t a Russian, not that there is anything wrong with Russian athletes especially Anna Kornikova who is a stark departure from the lovely and talented Russian, lady shot putters of the 60’s who often times resembled George “The Animal” Steele.

On the Return of WCW: “For all the WCW fans out there that hold on to the hope that WCW will resurface, I don’t conclusively know the answer to this frequently asked question, but my educated guess would be no. The WWE has three brands that I am under the impression that they are going to stay with for the future. Could changes be implemented in the future? Sure. But I don’t see it on the immediate horizon.”

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